Shelley Schultz was already an organic food devotee when her 3-year old son was diagnosed with Autism in 2006. But after researching her son's condition, the former hedge fund analyst was convinced that he should eat even cleaner. After speaking with a nutritional consultant near her home in Westchester County, NY,  Schultz switched up his diet to one free of gluten, dairy, sugar, and preservatives, and says his health immediately improved. After seeing these dramatic results, she herself evolved from vegetarian to raw vegan and continued to experiment in the kitchen, making every dish that her family consumed. Schultz loved her improved energy, but wasn't thrilled with the available snack food options, much of which was lacking in taste.  So she decided to do something about it. 

Turning her passion into a business, she launched Healing Home Foods in 2011. A range of crackers, granola, nuts, and sweets, all products are raw and vegan, and are processed in a certified gluten-free facility in nearby Pound Ridge, NY. Nuts are soaked and sprouted, which holds in the nutrition. The chocolate chips in Biscotti Bites are dairy-free.  And the Raw Crackers are made with an almond flour base instead of wheat. HHF products are nutritionally dense and packed with flavor (no lie, the raw "Pizza" chips, pictured, really do taste like pizza).  

Healing Home Foods has a brick-n-mortar location in Pound Ridge, but you can find many of their products at Organic Avenue locations throughout NYC.