It's never too late to make a career change, just ask Hail Merry founder Susan O'Brien. As a UT Austin grad with a degree in design, the mother of three had a busy career designing clinical laboratories when, at age 40, she was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. Exhausted, congested, and plagued with bouts of insomnia, O'Brien tried changing her diet to see if it would improve her health. She tested out the raw food lifestyle and after 9 months, felt better, looked better, and had more energy. With a desire to improve her raw food game, she traveled to Santa Monica, CA to train under Hollywood chef Juliano Brotman. After returning home to Dallas, O'Brien began experimenting on her own, whipping up snacks and sweets that were healthful and delicious. In 2008, she officially introduced her treats to the world, calling her brand Hail Mary.

According to O'Brien, the name Hail Merry came to her while watching her son at a chess tournament. 'I was struck by how much power the Queen has on the board,' she says. O'Brien also liked the royal nature of the name, adding, 'Treating yourself like a queen through nurturing foods resonated with me.' Which is exactly what you get with Hail Merry treats, which are vegan, free of GMOs, dairy, and gluten. Ingredients are pure and clean and treats are produced raw, which helps them retain nutritional balance. At Organic Avenue, we're particularly fond of Merry Bites, a macaroon-type confection with a base ingredient of organic raw coconut oil. We have them in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Cookie Dough (oh, the Cookie Dough!). Every flavor is so rich and decadent that you'll want to devour them as quickly as your kids will!

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