Sommer Elston started creating her own beauty products after becoming fed up with what was available. Trying to avoid anything that was laden with fillers or chemicals, what she longed for was the skincare equivalent of a raw food diet – organic, nutritious, delicious. So she began mixing her own exotic oil-based blends using all-natural ingredients that she discovered while traveling the world.

When friends began inquiring about her beauty routine, she customized potions for them, too. All the fuss led Sommer to launch Gypsy Juice, a tightly edited range of face oils, mists and balms inspired by her vagabond lifestyle.

There has been a lot of noise made about the benefits of oil-based skincare -- some dermatologists say that 'good' oils can remove 'bad' oils from your skin while also leaving your face soft and supple (whereas many big brand soaps can be too harsh). So Sommer was really onto something when she created Gypsy Juice. Each product is hand-made by the founder herself, who only uses cold-pressed botanicals and unrefined butter in her recipes. The Luxurious Cleansing Oil nourishes as it cleans, and won’t over-dry your skin like many face soaps. For a rich dose of moisture that is needed during these blustery winter months, the Antioxidant Face Oil is the perfect skin fixer. (It is especially potent when applied before bedtime.) The Rose Blossom Mist smells like heaven and is a great pick-me-up after a long hectic day. Sommer sources her ingredients from all over the world and they’re not only 100% organic, but vegan too – the entire Gypsy Juice range is PETA-certified.