Holistic health systems date back thousands of years. From Tibetan and Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda, healing the mind and body through the use of herbs, fruits, and vegetables has been conventional wisdom for alt medicine's millions of specialists. These Eastern wellness practices stress disease prevention through plant-based treatments, rather than pharmaceutical fixes. As Goldthread Herbs founder and clinical herbalist William Siff explains, “Plants have very specific properties that nothing else has...[they're] very necessary for the optimum functioning of the body.'

Situated in western Massachusetts, Goldthread began in 2003 as an apothecary and herbal farm. It was here that Siff sold natural, handmade remedies and held workshops that taught traditional herb farming. He also began a community supported medicine (CSM) program to help connect local residents to the arming process and to instill knowledge about how plants can enhance everyday life. Siff's specialty teas became one of Goldthread's most popular products. Faithfully concocted for specific health-related issues, Siff created the loose teas himself and when customers began buying the them by the pound, he knew he was onto something.

This past year, Goldthread began bottling the teas, which are now called Herbal Elixirs. The tasty beverages are packed with all the healthy goodness you would expect from an herbal specialist with decades of experience. Available in nine different flavors, each brew focuses on a different condition, and features ingredients chosen for their joint effectiveness. For instance, El Sol's cardamom, orange peel and ginger root help to improve digestion. Green Qi contains leafy greens like chlorophyll and lemongrass meant to energize the body. And Oh La La's floral blend is formulated to help calm your nerves. Goldthread Elixirs taste sweet, fresh, and so clean that you can identify many of the ingredients with a single sip. They're totally vegan and GMO-free, and with sustainability in mind, are crafted locally in Florence, MA.

Find Goldthread Elixirs now at all Organic Avenue stores.