There are lots of fashion brands out there that describe their trendy, non-leather goods as “vegan”.

But all too often, attaching the “vegan” label to product has less to do with protecting animals and is more about adding appeal to otherwise cheaply-made, sweatshop goods. But that is not the case for Freedom of Animals. Based out of New York, Freedom is a tightly-edited collection of luxury handbags that are both cruelty-free and eco-friendly. The stylish brand manufactures all of their handbags in sustainably run, American factories which not only reduces their carbon footprint but makes it easier to keep a tight rein on production.

A lot of research went into the materials used in Freedom of Animals bags. Instead of PVC, which can damage the environment, they use high grade, partially-recycled ultra soft polyurethane and vegetable dyes, which create their luxurious colors. Linings are of organic cotton and other textiles created from used plastic bottles. Design-wise, the bags have a modern, minimalist look – no overtly trendy bells and whistles – which means they will never look dated (with bags running about $360 a piece, you’re going to want them to be a part of your wardrobe forever). Styles include a chic, two-tone flap bag with chain strap and a lavender, faux suede circle bag that is as soft and plush the real thing.