When Sophie Milrom was a law student prepping for the bar, she found herself craving sweet snacks to help her through those long hours of studying.

Last-minute trips to the convenience store – its refrigerators teaming with high carb, high sugar, processed frozen treats – just left her cold. A yoga and meditation devotee, Milrom craved fresh-pressed juices but their short-shelf life and high price made them inconvenient. After figuring that there were probably others out there just like her, she decided to make the juices herself and freeze them, creating a shelf-stable product that was also cost effective. After mixing up different flavor combinations and testing them out on her friends, in 2014 she launched EatPops, a line of fruity, frozen desserts that are so yummy you won’t believe they’re good for you.


EatPops have energetic names like “Activate”, “Nourish” and “Cleanse”. Each variety is formulated with complementary flavors that are flush with nutrients. For instance, “Restore” combines potassium-rich banana with pineapple (vitamin C) and kale, a bonafide superfood with cancer-fighting enzymes and vitamins like calcium and iron. “Green Detox”, with its fruit and veggie blend that includes spinach, apple, ginger, and cayenne – is a literal juice cleanse on a stick. There are no artificial flavors or colors in any EatPop bars and a box of three runs about $7. You can’t get a fresh smoothie for that price!

more info – Eat-Pops.com