Far too many facial cleansers contain harsh chemicals that can actually be detrimental to your complexion. Luckily, the organic skincare revolution has been blowing up over the past couple of years, giving green-beauty girls more options than ever. They know that an all-natural regiment is the safest way to go if you've got sensitive skin or just don't want to risk an adverse reaction to artificial ingredients. Earth Science Naturals also knows this, which is why they've been collaborating with Mother Nature on their award-winning body products for over three decades.

Earth Science uses clean, natural ingredients in their range of face, body and hair formulas, while also keeping an eye on current beauty trends and cutting edge technology. They're especially fond of using the complexion-clearing powers of fruits, oils, and nuts/ seeds, all three of which are employed in one of our favorite products, the Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser. It's deceptively light and creamy, with a pleasant scent, and is suitable for sensitive skin that might turn red with other soaps or washes. It features sunflower seed and sweet almond oils, and extracts of apricot and avocado, which combined, nourish, clean, and soften your complexion. (You can also use it to remove makeup.) Like all Earth Science products, Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser is vegan and contains no artificial colors, preservatives or petroleum products