Before more modern, technologically-advanced methods were invented, olive oil production used large stone wheels and a slab of granite. This process, called stone-grinding, dates back thousands of years to the Greeks and Romans of the Mediterranean, and it involved pulverizing olives into a paste, which is then pressed beneath stones for 30-40 minutes to extract the oil. Today, stone-grinding has become nearly obsolete, replaced by new metal crushers and steel drums in an extraction process that takes about half the time.

But some foodies still choose tradition over speed, paying homage to the past by utilizing those venerable stone wheels. One of those companies is Dastony, a health food brand from Glenview, IL that has an appreciation for old world techniques and high quality products. Dastony doesn't deal in olive oil, though. Nut and seed butters is their thing and they use the same stone process to make the creamiest, dreamiest spreads you've ever tasted. Along with more traditional fare like Almond and Coconut Butter, they've also created some seriously exotic varieties, including Brazil Nut, Hazelnut and Sprouted Pumpkin Seed butters. Schmear any one of these onto toast, blend with water for some homemade nut milk, or mix into of your favorite sweet and savory recipes (Dastony has a whole page of tasty delights for you to try out). Dastony products are naturally vegan and organic, and they're packed with healthy fats and loaded with nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E so you won't feel guilty if you just spoon it directly from the jar into your mouth. We won't judge.