There are about a bazillion different kinds of energy bars in existence (trust us, we counted) but not all of them are as nutritious as they seem. In fact, there is a reason why some stores sell them in the candy section -- even if they contain more vitamins, many energy snacks are as high in fat and sugar as the average chocolate bar. They may also loaded with carbs and high fructose corn syrup, not exactly the way to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

This is where Arshad Bahl got the idea for Amrita, his organic health food company that makes energy bars that are a few healthy steps ahead of the competition. On a mission to help his son Ayaan's autism and gastrointestinal issues, Arshad put Ayaan on a dairy and gluten-free nutrition program. He also changed his own eating habits and began taking in more plant-based, allergy-friendly foods. He was wowed by the results -- Ayaan's stomach problems improved and he did much better in school while Arshad slimmed down and became healthier overall. He began making snacks for himself and his family that contained no artificial ingredients or common allergens, like soy, dairy, and nuts. When he started selling them under the name Amrita as a part-time business, the company was such a success that Arshad quit his job to take on the health food world full-time.

Just like those early creations, Amrita Energy Bars contain simple ingredients -- brown rice, dried fruit, sunflower and sesame seeds. There are nine different varieties, from tropical flavors like Mango Coconut and Pineapple Chia to the ultimate indulgences Dark Chocolate Quinoa and Chocolate Chips Coconut. Bars are sweet, soft and chewy, vegan and certified non-GMO, and contain no artificial sweeteners, soy, dairy, or peanut. They're also on the lower side of the caloric spectrum, only 250 which makes them a suitable snack on a busy day or an energy booster before hitting the gym.