In the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, ahmisa means embracing nonviolence towards all living things, which is why Gabriel Silva chose the word for his cruelty-free, eco-friendly shoe brand. A former airline pilot who was also vegan, Gabriel couldn't find quality, stylish footwear that fit his lifestyle and belief system. He found most synthetic shoes to be uncomfortable and poorly crafted. So with guidance from his father Cisso, who owned a shoe factory in Franca, Brazil for decades, Gabriel took matters into his own hands and began designing his own shoes. Within 6 months, Ahmisa was founded.

Gabriel now works right next door to his dad, in his very own space that he refers to as "world's only vegan shoe factory". In the making of Ahmisa shoes, no animal-borm materials utilized, and in an effort to keep the production process sustainable, any chemicals used are non-toxic to the environment and to people. Shoes are made of renewable and reclaimed materials, like recycled cotton, and leftover materials are often reused in other ways. Adhesives are all water-based and rubber is sourced locally.

What else is sustainable about Ahmisa? The designs! Because Ahmisa avoids trendiness and sticks to classic, modern styles that won't go out-of-fashion in 6 months. Jazz oxfords, derbies, loafers, boat shoes, and desert boots, for both men and women, are rendered in materials like cork, striped cotton, canvas, and vegan leather. With summer almost here, we're especially fond of the Palma Fun Sandal, a strappy summer shoe featuring a featherweight EVA outsole and a vibrant pop of color. Prices are within, reach too. Most shoes are $150 or less, a small price to pay for beautiful, hand-made shoes with a such a nominal carbon footprint.