When it comes to cruelty-free living, finding cosmetics that are vegan and eco-friendly as well as effective may seem like a neverending journey. (A fun one, for sure! But a journey, nonetheless.) Take mascara, for example. Perhaps you found one that claims to be organic, but upon close inspection of the ingredients, turns out to be anything but. Or maybe the ingredients pass muster, but the product itself doesn't really do much.

If this sounds familiar, let us introduce you to NYR Organic. NYR -- Neal’s Yard Remedies -- takes a holistic approach to skin care by creating products that are vegetarian, sustainable and have minimal impact on the planet. They have a Lengthening Mascara that seems too good to be true. Could a mascara really increase lash length by up to 85%? And that ingredients list on the packaging. It was long and complicated, and seemed laden with chemicals created in a laboratory.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, rest assured that the mascara is indeed vegan, 100% natural and 78% organic. To wit, all of NYR’s products are Certified Organic by the UK-based Soil Association and are manufactured at their Dorset, England headquarters. (The company also grows many of their own ingredients.) But what about the product? Well, a hyper dramatic increase in length was not what we found -- the results were much more subtle than that. We love that it goes on thin with no clumping and separates lashes really well, which also means you can layer it for a thicker look. Clean-up is also a snap. It's more of an everyday product that is more suitable for a natural look. Which is fine with us because who needs drama on the daily, anyway?