You've heard of superfoods, but do you know about superherbs? They're part of a special class of powerful herbs and spices that have their roots in Ayurveda, the 3,000 year old health care system originating in ancient India. Superherbs are said to have healing powers for a range of external and internal ailments, which is why Sage and AnnaBlanca infuse them into each and every one of their Addictive Wellness confections.

Yes, you read that right -- Addictive Wellness chocolates are also nutritious. The base ingredient is organic cacao, and each flavor is injected with a medley of superherbs and superfoods grouped together for a specific purpose. For instance, the "Beauty Chocolate" contains tremella, a mushroom thought to have skin softening properties. The ashwagandha in "Tranquility" reduces anxiety and improves memory. And the "Energy Chocolate" gets its zip from cordyceps, a fungus thought to enhance aerobic performance. Along with being loaded with these healthy herbs, Addictive Wellness treats are free of sugar, GMOs, and dairy. They're also raw -- ingredients are never heated over 118° which helps them retain their nutrients and enzymes. Additionally, the cacao is produced in Ecuador where workers earn "Beyond Fair Trade" wages, meaning they are paid more than the Fair Trade standard.

Addictive Wellness chocolate is available in all Organic Avenue locations, so stop by soon to get your fix.