According to self-described “flower alchemist + spiritual seeker” Katie Hess, plant essences have the ability to improve the quality of life. And I soulfully agree! In just a few sniffs, spirits can be lifted, heads can be cleared, and inner peace achieved.

But there’s more to this philosophy than just buying a bouquet or walking through an aromatic garden. That is why, in 2000, Hess launched Lotus Wei, her Phoenix-based company that specializes in organic, plant-based remedies. The collection of potions includes customized serums, mists, and oils that have mood altering powers which her devoted, worldwide fan base can’t live without.

The easiest way to explore the Lotus Wei line of goodies is by mood, of which there are six to choose from. If your confidence has taken a hit, try spritzing some Inner Peace – a blend of Arctic Lupine, Red Hibiscus, Mountain Laurel. Going through a break-up? Then curl up with a cup of herbal tea infused with a few drops of Infinite Love, a mix of Hong Kong Orchid, Wild Fireweed, and Pink Magnolia that promises to heighten self-love. Is your life a little lacking in fun and laughter? Then check out the Joy Juice collection, which infuses African Daisy with Pink Spirea for a playful scent that’ll make you smile. (I love using the Joy Juice on back of my hands and arms to ward off winter dryness.) You can focus on one mood or even switch them around daily. To use, just place perfumes and serums on acupuncture points, or squeeze a few drops of your favorite elixir into a glass of water. In just a few days, your mood will be lifting as your clarity improves. The quality essential oils absorb beautifully and the scent is euphoric. It also doesn’t leave any oily trace behind, just happy, supple skin. All products are organic and derived from 100% natural resources (not to mention the packaging is beautiful). The scents and combinations are beyond anything I have experienced before – they’re truly lovely and now a daily Mari favorite! :0)

Find them at: http://lotus-wei.myshopify.com/