Fast food doesn’t have to mean junk food – that was Yves Potvin’s goal when he got into the food business over three decades ago.


During a cross-country bicycle trek from Montreal to British Columbia (a 3,400 mile journey that took 4 months to complete), Potvin realized there just weren’t a lot of options for people who wanted to eat healthy but needed convenience. While studying Asian cooking in Vancouver, he began experimenting with soy and tofu , working on a formula for meat-free hot dogs. It took several months of trial-and-error, but he eventually perfected what could be considered the very first veggie dog. With this product, he launched his first brand, Yves Fine Food, in 1985.

Potvin eventually sold YFF, but he didn’t leave the industry. Instead, he began creating vegan products that went beyond sausages and lunch meat. And in 2003, came Gardein (garden + protein) , a range of bar food staples that are made with vegetables instead of meat. Think chicken fingers, sliders, crab cakes, and burgers that are extremely convincing in their texture as well as their taste. They’re really easy to prepare – about 15 minutes in the oven – and make a hearty, healthy meal topped with lettuce, tomato, and creamy, dairy-free aioli sauce.   At Organic Avenue, we trust the quality of Gardein so much that they're the only brand we'll use for our customer-fave Chickn' & Sweet Potato Waffles meal.