Mineral makeup has been around for years but did you know that there is also mineral sunscreen? Unlike regular sun products that contain chemicals like octisalate and oxybenzone, mineral versions obtain their sunblocking abilities from zinc and titanium, which don’t penetrate the skin.


Similar to their cosmetic counterparts, mineral sunscreens are all-natural and non-allergic, which makes them suitable for sensitive or rosacea-prone skin. One of the companies at the forefront of mineral protection is Coola, who has developed a range of mineral sun products that are paraben-free and hypo-allergenic. They have formulas for different skin types and activity levels, and with their ‘Farm-to-Face’ mission, Coola promises that all ingredients are as fresh as possible. Plus, they’re located in sunny San Diego, so you gotta believe they’re experts when it comes to UVA and B protection!

Coola products have really addictive scents, too, like Pina Colada and Guava Mango.  The Mineral Sport Citrus Mimosa sunscreen is a favorite around here. It has an SPF 30, is water-proof, and lasts nearly an hour and half. It’s specially-formulated to work through outdoor actives like running and swimming, and given its staying-power, is surprisingly lightweight and not at all greasy. The organic ingredients in Mineral Sport make it a skincare commodity that goes beyond sun protection – kukui, safflower, and coconut oils moisturize and soothe the skin while arnica extract acts as an anti-inflammatory. And Coola hasn’t overlooked scent, either. While other sunscreens have an artificial aroma, Mineral Sport’s mix of citrus and floral smells like a tropical vacation.

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