It’s hard to believe that this to-die-for jewelry from Margaret Dorfman is created from fruits and vegetables.

By using an army of multi-culti kitchen tools – a French mandolin slicer , Japanese spiral cutters, knives from Thailand – Dorfman is able to carve everything from beets to zucchini into lovely baubles that you’d never know came from a garden.

The fruitful idea came to the Oakland-based designer over a decade ago while she was in the kitchen making dinner. While cutting vegetables for a salad, she noticed how naturally beautiful the individual slices looked, especially when cut so thin that light shone through. This began years of trial and error through which she developed a curing, drying, and pressing process that makes transparent “parchment”, the base material for each design. The parchment is then trimmed and manipulated into totally wearable pieces: Radishes become bold fuchsia cuff bracelets; potatoes and papaya mingle in calla lily-style earrings; Mexican papaya is sliced into discs and strung together into a gorgeous gold beaded necklace. The colors are mind-blowing and showcase the natural beauty that comes from the earth. (If you aren’t much of a jewelry wearer, she also makes divine parchment bowls, dishes, or serving trays for your home.) Additionally, Dorfman is an environmental advocate and goes out of her way to work as sustainably as possible. She sticks to fruits and vegetables that are in-season, uses recycled packaging,and donates leftover materials to her local zoo.

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