Do your sweet tooth and shelter pets a favor and make your next candy buy from Rescue Chocolate.

The 3-year old Brooklyn based company creates some of the tastiest chocolate treats around and donates 100% of their net profits to various animal rescue groups across the USA. Rescue Chocolate came about after founder Sarah Gross had the ultimate brainstorm while walking her adopted pit bull, Mocha: why not create chocolates and donate the proceeds to animal charities? She used her managerial experience at a local chocolate-maker as a jumping off point, and eventually hooked up with Tumbador Chocolate where she collaborates with Chef Jean Francois Bonnet on new and interesting flavors.

Aside from helping out homeless animals, Gross, a longtime vegan who also runs the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, insisted that Rescue Chocolate be as clean as it is delicious. The brand is vegan, organic, and kosher and all products are hand-made in Brooklyn. Each bar and bon bon is named after a different animal problem that needs addressing; ‘Fakin’ Bacon’ honors farm creatures, 'Pick Me Pepper’ encourages adopting rather than buying, and 'Fosteriffic Peppermint’ highlights animal foster programs. Every month, Gross picks a new charity to donate to, from nationally known organizations like Petfinder to more localized groups like Philadelphia Paws and Austin Pets Alive! 

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