For over a decade, beauty brand 100% Pure has been a power player in the organic skincare industry.

The company was created in 2005 after co-founder Suzie Wang witnessed the hazardous effects of chemical-based skin products first-hand. While freelancing as a cosmetics formulator, she was working on a new eye cream when one of the ingredients spilled onto her work table, causing it to blemish. This small incident had a great impact on Wang, inspiring her to start her own beauty brand that would be completely free of toxins, chemicals, and artificial fragrances. Today, 100% Pure has a dozen stand-alone stores across the US and is carried by national retailers like Duane Reade and QVC.


One of the cornerstones of 100% Pure is their Fruit Dyed Makeup. A range of eye products, lip colors, blushers, and foundations, these items derive their pigmentation naturally, from fruits and veggies. Look closely at labels and you’ll see a produce-stand’s worth of ingredients. Lipsticks and glosses contain sweet-pigments from cabernet grape, organic cherries, blackberries, peaches, lavender, and cacao. Luminizers get their glow from aloe while blushes are colored with papaya and rose hip oil. OA founder Denise Mari loves the Super Fruits Night Balm for intense moisture, and the Argan Oil Moisturizer, which has an SPF 30 and is non-greasy, so it blends well for all-day-wear. The entire 100% Pure brand is GMO-free and vegan, with packaging made from recycled paper, glass, and plastic. They are also philanthropically involved, supporting organizations like PETA and the American Red Cross. And this Earth Day, they donated 100% of their proceeds to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

More info: 100percentPure.com