For Komie and Meg Vora, the path to fashion entrepreneurship was similar to that of other vegan designers -- they just couldn't find any cruelty-free clothing that fit their personal style. 'The options were vanilla — granola, even," Meg recently told NBC News. 'You wouldn't look at the clothes and think, 'Hey, that's cool, I'm going to save up to buy that.' "

But the Orange County, California sisters didn't exactly have a technical fashion background when they launched their label, Delikate Rayne. While they grew up with a love of clothes, scouring Los Angeles for fabric and having it made into saris on family trips to India, they studied business in college, not fashion design. But post-graduation, while working in more conventional day jobs, they just couldn't get rid of the fashion bug. So in their downtime, Komie and Meg learned about sewing, construction, and garment manufacturing and in 2013, they felt ready to take the fashion plunge, calling their brand Delikate Rayne, the English translation of their Hindu names.

Besides ensuring that all DR garments are made cruelty-free, the sisters are adamant about eco-friendliness. The line is made in downtown Los Angeles, crafted from sustainable textiles like satin, chiffon, and PVC-free vegan leather. Styles are produced in small quantities which reduces waste (and makes them more desirable for those who don't want to dress like everyone else). And stylewise, there's not a single pair of basic yoga pants to be found. Instead, the current collection, called Moonshadows, features asymmetrical cuts, fringe trims strappy slip dresses, and zip-front mini skirts. In other words, it's the ultimate rocker girl's dream wardrobe come true.