One sweet holiday staple you’d think would be naturally animal-free is the marshmallow. From toasted at a spooky Halloween campfire to topping candied yams at Thanksgiving and hot cocoa at Christmas, the gooey confection has the power to transport many of us grown-ups right back to childhood snow days.

Yet upon closer inspection, you'll find that most marshmallows contain fish or beef gelatin, even those sold in health food stores. Gelatin is an animal-derived protein that gives the little puffs their springy texture. Corn syrup – a chemically-processed sweetener that is dangerously high in sugar – is also a key ingredient. So is a health-conscious gal just supposed to pass on such tasty eats during the most festive time of year?

Now, you don’t have to, thanks to Chicago Vegan Foods. With their new Dandies Marshmallows, they’ve created the first marshmallow that is Non-GMO Project Certified. This means that they contain no “genetically modified organisms”, aka genetically engineered ingredients that can withstand herbicides and pests, but are not entirely safe to ingest. Dandies come in two traditional sizes (regular and mini) and are all natural – free of gelatin, corn syrup and gluten. They’re also air-puffed so there is no compromise in taste, texture, or roastability. And since they also melt with ease, Dandies can be used in any marshmallow recipe (even rice cereal treats). Oh, how sweet it is.