Synthetic alternatives to fur garments have been around since at least the early twentieth century. Back then, their proliferation was largely due to economic, rather than ethical, reasons. However, in the 1960s, conversationalists began questioning the use of endangered animals to make coats, protesting in front of stores that sold them.

By the early-70s, the fur industry as a whole came under attack from animal activists who believed that no creature should be used to make clothing. Faux furriers began to take advantage of the situation, improving their technology and creating outerwear and accessories that are so soft and warm that they’re indistinguishable from the real thing.

Today, the popularity of authentic pelts has waned as more and more celebrities speak out against their use in fashion. Conversely, the market for high-end faux furs that are also ethically-produced is growing. One company that is heeding the call is Copenhagen Artificial Furs. Not only does Cart Fur produce stylish faux pieces that are cruelty-free, but they also make a minimal carbon footprint. Their entire collection is manufactured in Denmark and strict guidelines of the European Union are closely followed. Cart Furs are crafted using an ultra-soft lightweight acrylic fiber that is warm, breathable, doesn’t shed, and is easy to clean. And unlike lots of fake fur which can look cheap and trendy, Copenhagen Artificial Fur Designs are elegant and well-made. Vests and boleros add a rocker edge to your favorite jeans but are also an fitting topper to your holiday party outfit. Or, add a collar or scarf to your winter coat and transform it into snow bunny perfection.