Organic Avenue



  1. Veggies & HummusLEARN MORE

    This light, satisfying lunch or snack combines our signature hummus with crunchy nutrient-packed carrots and mixed veggies.

    veggies, OA's hummus (zucchini, tahini, sunflower seeds, spices)


  2. Broccoli SlawLEARN MORE

    A nutrient-dense take on traditional cole slaw that happens to be even more delicious. Shredded broccoli stems and vibrant carrots are tossed with earthy walnuts and tart dried cranberries in our signature creamy cashew mayo. A grab-and-go light meal or afternoon snack, it's also a toss-able addition to enhance any entrée salad.

    broccoli, carrots, walnuts, dried cranberries, green onions, sunflower seeds, lemon herb dressing

    Daily Vitamins

  3. Chickpea SaladLEARN MORE

    A Mediterranean mix of hearty chickpeas, pickled onions, savory olives, and fresh garden herbs. It's the perfect plant-based protein to complement any meal.

    chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, pickled red onion, kalamata olives, lemon zest, herbs, spices


  4. Minted Melon SaladLEARN MORE

    Sweet, juicy melon infused with refreshing mint and a hint of spicy jalapeño. A hydrating, vitamin-fueled breakfast to follow your daily green juice.

    honeydew, cantaloupe, mint, jalapeño, lime zest, black pepper

    Daily Vitamins, Immunity

  5. Fermented VeggiesLEARN MORE

    A tangy medley of fruit and vegetables, rich in enzymes and probiotics for digestive health. This is an abundantly healthy, living food. With cauliflower, carrots, daikon, and more, it’s great on its own or as a salad topping!

    cauliflower, carrots, daikon, turnips, green onions, cabbage, pears, apples, spices

    Daily Vitamins, Immunity

  6. Shredded Curried CabbageLEARN MORE

    Crunchy cabbage, hydrating red bell pepper, and refreshing fennel complemented by sweet dried apricots and raisins for a satisfying snack or light lunch on-the-go. The creamy coconut curry sauce adds just the right amount of invigorating spice to boost the immune system and aid in digestion.

    cabbage, bell peppers, fennel, apricots, raisins, cashews, curry powder, coconut mylk, cilantro


  7. Veggies & Chickpea Lemon DipLEARN MORE

    Crunchy carrot sticks and water-containing bell peppers served with a protein-packed chickpea lemon dip for a satisfying afternoon snack.

    veggies, chickpea lemon dip


  8. Dipping Beans and Romesco Spread LEARN MORE

    Dip iron-rich green beans in our savory romesco sauce for the perfect snack. Think of it as an ultra-healthy and equally delicious version of chips and salsa.

    green beans, wax beans, romesco sauce

    Daily Vitamins