Organic Avenue



  1. Sunflower Falafel SaladLEARN MORE

    Protein-packed almonds and sunflower seeds are blended with garlic, scallions, and spices, to compose our raw falafel. Served on a bed of crunchy cabbage with a side of creamy tahini dressing, these pure, raw ingredients pack a flavorful punch.

    sunflower seeds, almond flour, scallions, spices, cabbage, tahini dressing


  2. Big Kale SaladLEARN MORE

    Our signature salad, this crunchy kale and carrot mix strikes the perfect balance with sweet raisins and savory olives. Hemp seeds are sprinkled on top for an ample boost of plant-based protein.

    kale, celery, carrots, arugula, kalamata olives, parsley, raisins, hemp seeds


  3. Kale Quinoa SaladLEARN MORE

    Earthy lacinato kale and nutty quinoa are a match made in heaven, this time with a side of capers and a zesty dressing. With two sources of complete plant protein, hemp seeds and quinoa, this salad has what it takes to sustain you all day long.

    kale, quinoa, hemp seeds, currants


  4. The Big Clean Salad LEARN MORE

    The name says it all. Crunchy and Clean. Raw and refreshing. Dressed in a simple Lemon-Ginger Dressing, this salad is simply great. The mildly sweet golden beets are a fantastic source of folic acid for cell growth and iron for building red blood cells.

    kale, cauliflower, beets, carrots, parsnips, dill

  5. Baby Kale SaladLEARN MORE

    Tender young kale tossed with pickled fennel and onions and topped with hearty pine nuts and cannellini beans for added protein. Our signature lemon-herb vinaigrette is just the right balance of sweet and savory to marry these fresh flavors.

    veggies, cannellini beans, pickled red onion, pine nuts, baby kale, baby arugula, lemon herb vinaigrette

    Daily Vitamins

  6. Farro & Brazil Nut SaladLEARN MORE

    A hearty, nutty ancient Mediterranean grain, farro is rich in protein and iron. Green grapes provide a tart flavor and electrolytes, while red and green cabbage offer a satisfying crunch.

    bell pepper, scallion, farro, mesclun greens, grapes, Brazil nut vinaigrette


  7. Middle Eastern SaladLEARN MORE

    A refreshing and filling salad full of exotic flair. Sumac, an anti-inflammatory spice native to the Middle East, infuses tartness into the greens, roasted eggplant and cooked chickpeas. Served with our famous ultra-creamy tahini dressing.

    eggplant, spring mix, chickpeas, cucumber, Kalamata olives, lemon tahini dressing

    Daily Vitamins, Protein