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  1. Rosemary Orange KombuchaLEARN MORE

    Our Rosemary Orange Kombucha is a zesty twist on this fermented beverage. The rosemary bite pairs perfectly with sweet orange to offer a uniquely elevated experience. It's an effervescent replacement to sugary sodas or calorie-laden cocktails. Perfect for parties and work lunches, alike.

    kombucha, rosemary, oranges


  2. Signature Blend KombuchaLEARN MORE

    Our signature Kombucha is the perfect companion to your healthy, organic meal or afternoon snack. It's an effervescent replacement to sugary sodas or bloating beers. Imbibe with kombucha and enjoy the subtly spicy flavors and digestive benefits provided by this fermented drink.

    kombucha, cinnamon, nutmeg