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  1. Kimchi Wild Rice BowlLEARN MORE

    Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made of fermented vegetables, a great source of healthy probiotics, with a snappy, tangy bite. Broccolini and radishes provide a snappy crunch, while the combination of wild rice and delectable cashews makes this dish a complete protein.

    wild rice, kimchi, broccolini, radishes, mushrooms, carrots, cashews

    Daily Vitamins, Healing

  2. Mushroom Quinoa BowlLEARN MORE

    A delicious mix of sautéed, antioxidant-rich mushrooms and broccolini with caramelized shallots over nutty, complete-protein quinoa. The robust oyster mushrooms complement the dense earthiness of portobellos, while shallots balance the dish with their slightly sweet flavor.

    portobello mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, broccolini, shallots, quinoa

    Daily Vitamins, Protein

  3. Mexi Fresh Quinoa BowlLEARN MORE

    Subtle spiciness and crisp, zippy cilantro enhance this simple and tasty dish. Traditional sweet corn and fiber-rich black beans are on board for a filling finish. A hint of cumin provides a familiar, toasty flavor, while chilies add a little kick.

    quinoa, black beans, corn, veggies