Booster Shots

  • Sea Buckthorn

    Sea Buckthorn

    Dragon’s Breath is our “go-to” for cold-busting, bu...

  • Turmeric


    Turmeric has great benefits such as anti-inflammatory proper...
  • Wheatgrass


    Many health experts including Dr Young (Author of the pH Mir...
  • Lemon


    Lemon has the unique quality of tasting great and treating a...
  • Guaranimal


    As an energizer, guarana may be more effective than coffee, ...
  • Ginger


    The natural miracle that is ginger calms upset stomachs, rel...
  • E3


    E3, a wild-harvested, organic blue-green algae, is potent mi...
  • Dragon's Breath

    Dragon's Breath

    Perfect for the cold weather and the flu season which accomp...
  • Chlorophyll


    Whether you drink this as a shot, or mix it with purified wa...
  • Aloe


    Fresh from the plump stalks of the gorgeous aloe plant, aloe...
  • Oregano Candida Cleanse

    Oregano Candida Cleanse

    Garlic and oil of oregano are two common ingredients great f...
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