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FEED YOUR BRAIN is our phrase for everything we do to inspire and enable a healthier generation through learning and information. In our stores, we have Feed Your Brain menus, Feed Your Brain wallpaper and now we have our first online example – our Feed Your Brain blog!


>Why We Love Plant Walls

Park Avenue South plant wall

The beautiful plant wall at our Park Avenue South location

Plants aren’t just delicious, they’re also beautiful. When we thought about our new store design, we knew plants had to be a main focus. What else could better celebrate our earth and healthful living? We searched far and wide for a way to incorporate plants into our stores and fell in LOVE with vertical gardens. Not only are they absolutely gorgeous, they are also functional. For starters, they improve our air quality by actively trapping dust and other air toxins. Cleaner air means more calm… and fewer headaches! The gardens also improve the acoustic sound in our stores by absorbing noise. And as if that weren’t enough, our green walls decrease our energy use in the summer by keeping our store cooler. We all want them in our homes now too!