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>What’s the Difference Between a Juice and a Smoothie?

green smoothieJuice is the liquid part of fruits and vegetables made using a juice extractor, like our hydraulic cold-press. When you are making juice, you are extracting the liquid (where all the nutrients live) from the fiber. Smoothies are blended meals. The fruits and vegetables are pulsed in a blender with their fiber, unlike cold pressing, still present.

Juice and smoothies can coexist in your diet–as one is not better than the other, but have different purposes. Wellness expert Kris Carr explains in Crazy Sexy Diet, “Both are terrific, but juice gives you instant energy while smoothies take a bit longer to assimilate and require more work from your body… Juice makes me feel lighter and more hydrated first thing in the morning… But I don’t want to give green smoothies a bad rap. They are definitely more filling and stick with you longer…” Because of the fiber, it will take longer to digest a smoothie, but it will keep you feeling satiated longer as well.

Juice is a great way to start the day while smoothies can be added after, as a snack or meal replacement. Juice should always be ingested first to make sure all nutrients are absorbed properly.