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FEED YOUR BRAIN is our phrase for everything we do to inspire and enable a healthier generation through learning and information. In our stores, we have Feed Your Brain menus, Feed Your Brain wallpaper and now we have our first online example – our Feed Your Brain blog!


>Environmental Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Carrot Harvest

In honor of Earth Day, here’s why making the decision to consume more plant-based foods is better for the environment—especially when you limit your meat consumption. According to the United Nations, meat production and factory farming are responsible for > 70% of freshwater consumption > 38% of land use—that’s approximately the size of Asia > […]

>Winter Blues? Here Are Some Helpful Nutrients

snow covered Central Park

A large percentage of the population gets the winter blues, but believe it or not, changing the way you feel can be as simple as giving your body certain nutrients. When it is cold outside most eat more comfort food, like biscuits and gravy for breakfast, cream-based soups for dinner, and warm apple pie for […]

>Why We Love Plant Walls

Plants aren’t just delicious, they’re also beautiful. When we thought about our new store design, we knew plants had to be a main focus. What else could better celebrate our earth and healthful living? We searched far and wide for a way to incorporate plants into our stores and fell in LOVE with vertical gardens. Not […]