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>Staying Healthy On the Go!


Now that the flu season is behind us it’s a perfect time to maintain good health. The days of existing inside a coat and hood have passed and we now engage the world with motivation, movement, and a lot of bare skin. With summer travel and outward energy, we often push our self-care rituals aside for a rainy day.

When we find ourselves “on the go,” it becomes essential to practice healthy habits so that we don’t feel weighed down. A part of staying healthy during the summer is allowing yourself to release some restrictions and relax. But relaxing when you’re busy is not as easy as it sounds. However, when it comes to eating, there will be no digestion without relaxation, and without proper digestion you can experience an array of imbalances.

Nature customizes its bounty for you each season. As you consider foods, keep in mind that salads that have a healthy fat source, like avocado or olive oil, are utilized effectively by the body during hot weather (unlike colon-clogging milks or cheeses). Fruits like apples, grapes, berries, sliced watermelon, and figs are great grab-and-go whole foods. And as another upbeat treat, don’t underestimate nuts, seeds and the handy trail-mix trick for when you need to re-focus.

Chia seeds can be added to your portable water bottle and are very useful for infusing hydration, fiber and omega 3’s into your day’s journey. Adding 1 drop of an essential oil like lavender or lemon to drinking water can help improve the quality of your water when traveling.

We had the privilege of attending a lecture by Ayurvedic expert John Douillard. His remedies for managing plane travel piqued my interest. Douillard recommends including the immune-strengthening supplement Ashwaganda for adapting to jetlag and supporting the nervous system. Triphala herb for constipation and Manjistha for lymphatic flow if swelling is a problem during flights.

Speaking of altitude-shock, drinking chlorophyll will help the blood carry oxygen to our cells more efficiently. And incorporating seaweed into your travel diet helps the body handle radiation exposure while in flight. In this case iodine in the algae binds to toxins and carries them out of the system. Our very own Organic Avenue E3 Live shots are a great option, as are supplements such as chlorella, spirulina, and bluegreen algae. Dried seaweed snacks are another easy-to-pack solution.

Whether you are flying or “stay-cationing”, incorporate these ideas into your agenda to offset any indulgences or stressors that you might be faced with while away from your habitual routine.