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>Pillow Food: How Diet Correlates to Sex-Drive

Food and sex are opposite sides of the same coin. According to author Steve Gagne in Energetics of Food, a balanced sexual life is tied to what we eat. He writes, “Your relationships with food are some of the most intimate relationships in your life”. He explains that hunger for food is an instinctive need of the senses, as is the hunger for sex. And both hungers are an expression of your life force; your appetite for life.

Female lips and chili pepper

There is a close correlation between sex and diet in that they both rely on an interplay of opposites; give and take. Many foods are associated with heightened desire and hormone balance. According to Annemarie Colbin in Food and Healing, certain food choices can coerce a desired effect on the body depending on where there might be an imbalance.

Increased sexual vitality is linked to foods like cacao, ginseng, chilies, leafy greens, asparagus, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, figs, coconut milk, pine nuts and even watermelon.

Latham Thomas, wellness maven and author of Mama Glow, recently gave a seminar at Organic Avenue’s Bryant Park store, where she enlightened us to “mucilaginous foods.” She said that “juicy sex” is enhanced by mucilage-rich, high-fiber foods. It seems the thick gooey substance in these plants are known for enhancing body fluids essential for sex. Okra, eggplant, flax and chia seeds, aloe, oats and seaweed and slippery elm, all do the trick for enhancing sexual rapport.

Another less known “love food” is the legume. Chinese medicine embraces beans and legumes for proper kidney-adrenal function and balanced sexual activity. Lentils and black beans, for example, prepared with good fats or oils, are known to increase blood circulation and to give a particularly libidinous charge.

Can we customize our sex-drive? Paul Pitchford suggests we can in Healing with Whole Foods because, while meat eaters need more frequent orgasmic release, the vegetarian or semi-vegetarian regime prolongs endurance and sharpens awareness and sensitivity. This is encouraging news for our frequent Organic Avenue amorists!

Nourishment can have powers of persuasion. So too can a candle-lit restaurant, a romantic date, and some mood music to get the blood flowing. Remember, a healthy libido emerges naturally in a healthy body. And since there’s nothing sexier than a long and healthy life… bon appetite!