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>Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Some people hear the term “juice cleanse,” and either assume it is a fad or it is the same thing as fasting. Neither assumption is true. Unlike a fast that deprives your system of essential nutrients, a juice cleanse fills you with antioxidants and leaves you healthier than when you started. You probably know at least one person who is constantly raving about their latest cleanse, which has you interested, but you are still wondering why the process is so beneficial. Below are a few benefits you have to look forward to.


Break Unhealthy HabitsLove fast juices and booster shot

One of the reasons juice cleanses are commonly done prior to a healthy lifestyle change is because they help break bad eating habits. Food takes approximately 18 hours to flow through your system. A juice cleanse rids your body of that refined sugar you just can’t get enough of. You will end the cleanse with increased awareness of your food selections, and how they make you feel.


Increased Energy

You may expect to be dragging on a juice cleanse, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how energized you will feel. Understand that if your system is really toxic, you will likely feel sluggish on the second day. This is a good thing! Your liver is moving toxins out of your body. By day three, you will feel amazing with  a ton of energy to burn. This is a great jumpstart to a new fitness routine.

Greens tend to boost energy levels the most, which is why the Go Green cleanse at Organic Avenue is so popular.


Healthy Hair and Radiant Complexion

When your system is full of toxins it isn’t able to reap the full benefits of healthy fruits and veggies you may already be eating every day. Those essential nutrients that are digested are used where they are needed most. Trace amounts left over are shared with “less vital” elements, like your skin, hair, and nails.

A juice cleanse gives your body a tune-up and cleans out the toxins, so nutrients are then able to be used to their full potential. This means you will have glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails.


Other Benefits

Although the above benefits are the ones most people can’t stop talking about, a juice cleanse returns a ton of other benefits, such as:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased mental clarity
  • A regulated, nourished colon
  • Reduced allergies
  • Balanced nervous system
  • Harmonized cellular biochemistry
  • Breathing feels fuller, deeper, and easier
  • Brightened eyes
  • Increased confidence and control over appetite
  • Reduced risk for disease, when done routinely

>Why New Yorkers Are in Extra Need of a Juice Cleanse

Grand Central Station in New York CityIt does not matter if you live on a beach, in a forest, or on the side of a mountain, you will benefit from doing a juice cleanse. However, if you live in New York, and aren’t already doing routine juice cleanses, your body is long overdue. Living in the city essentially turns juice cleansing into more of a need because you are exposed to more toxins and live in a more stressful environment.



You probably try to block out the fact that you are constantly exposed to germs from people traveling to the Big Apple from around the world every day. Of course, New Yorkers have their own germs, too! It’s not fair to only blame the tourists. If you were born and raised here, then you probably don’t dwell on this much, but if you have relocated to the city, there is a chance you wore gloves everywhere you went for a year. Just the thought of how many people touch the stairway railing, taxi door handle, or anything else here is cringe-worthy. Your skin absorbs a lot more than you might realize, so touching a handle just held by someone recently held money, had a cigarette, and shook hands with someone else that just used the bathroom and didn’t wash their hands is pretty creepy, if you think about it! You need a cleanse to get these germs out of your system.


Air Quality

According to NYC Environmental Protection, air quality alone contributes to 6 percent of annual deaths of residents. Yes, 6 percent! Pretty scary, right? Face it, this is not a city that is ever going to be smiled upon by Mother Nature. Some of the leading air pollutants here include nitrogen oxide, elemental carbon, fine particle matter, ozone, and sulfur dioxide.

More than one billion gallons of heating oil are burned by New Yorkers every year. This accounts for 14 percent of all fine particle matter in the air, which contributes to cardiac and respiratory diseases. Construction sites are everywhere you look, creating dust and debris that become airborne. This means you breathe these particles in, and don’t bother holding your breath, because it is landing on your skin, too. When you are living in a place where you deal with poor air quality every day, you need a  cleanse more than anyone.



The person living in a small coastal town where time seems to move at its own pace, is not wondering if they are going to be hit by a taxi or a bike messenger every time they step off the curb. Regardless what you do for work, just living here is stressful. Every day, you deal with crowds in the subway station, lines at the café, and far too many umbrellas to dodge on the sidewalks at the first drop of rain.

Stress promotes the production of cortisol, a hormone that is secreted by your adrenal glands. Since you deal with a stressful environment all day long, your body never has time to appreciate a relaxation response. Prolonged levels of cortisol in your bloodstream have a ton of negative effects, including:

  • Decreased bone density
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Lowered immunity
  • Reduced inflammatory response
  • Decreased muscle tissue
  • Imbalanced blood sugar levels
  • Suppressed thyroid function
  • Impaired cognitive performance
  • Increased abdominal fat


A juice cleanse, such as our Love Fast cleanse will help repair the damage being done by the stressful environment. You will feel more balanced and light. Not to mention, you will actually think twice about reaching for sugary snacks and caffeine all day, which takes your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride. Try a cleanse once, and you will be hooked for life, because you will feel healthy from the inside-out.

>New Year, New You: Stealing Time to Exercise

Busy people Walking Up StairsEvery day, you say you are going to find time to hit the gym, but another day passes and you end up feeling disappointed again. People might say you need to make time to exercise, but some schedules are just too packed. It’s not that you procrastinate or don’t have your priorities straight. You simply have an overfilled schedule right now. Of course, you want to try to squeeze in a few workouts every week, but on those days where you have to practically pencil in time to make a cup of tea, you need to get a little creative with your exercise agenda.


  • Calf Raise – Whether you are standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for the bus, you can rise up on your toes and lower back down. If you have decent balance, do this on one foot. This is a great one for while you are washing dishes, too!
  • Bike Pedals – You can buy a biking device that simply has the pedals. It will easily fit under your desk. You can essentially bike all day long while you are working.
  • Anytime Squats – Rather than stand there looking in the mirror while you brush your teeth, do a few squats. Waiting for your oatmeal to cook or smoothie to blend? Do squats! Speaking of smoothies, the Berry Blast smoothie from Organic Avenue is packed with antioxidants and is an energizing meal replacement.
  • Take the Stairs – When you look at the stairs, and think about skipping the elevator every day, actually do it!
  • Flexing Fun – Isolating and flexing targeted muscles burns calories and strengthens muscles. It doesn’t matter if you flex your abs, butt, triceps, or shoulders; just pick an area and focus on it. You can do this anywhere, all day long.
  • Morning Jacks – Start your day with jumping jacks as soon as you get out of bed. It will wake you up and jumpstart your metabolism.

>How Often Should I Do a Juice Cleanse?

If you have recently been introduced to the juice cleanse topic, you are probably filled with a long list of questions. The process can be intimidating because it is something new, but also very exciting because you know you are doing something good for your body, and you feel amazing when you are done. The one question that almost everyone asks is, “How often should I do a juice cleanse?” To be honest, there is not a universal answer. Every person has unique needs and goals.


1-day Love Deep cleanse juices and booster shotWhy Do a Juice Cleanse?

It is important to first understand why juice cleansing is beneficial. Many people do one simply because everyone else is, but you will appreciate the experience more, if you understand what is happening inside your body.

Toxins in your water, food, and air enter your body faster than you are able to eliminate them. A juice cleanse encourages your digestive system to eliminate wastes and toxins. The raw ingredients in the juices support this natural process and leave you with strengthened immunity, improved metabolism, mental clarity, increased energy, normalized blood pressure, reduced allergies, and a healthy glow.


How Often Should You Cleanse

As long as you are consuming organic, cold-pressed juices, like our Love Deep cleanse, you can do one every month as a routine tune-up for your body. If you are looking to make a healthy lifestyle change, a juice cleanse is a great boost to start with. You won’t have to deal with continuous sugar cravings and you will end the cleanse feeling more aware of what you put in your body. However after you see firsthand how great you feel, you will want to do them more frequently. Some people do them seasonally or bi-annually. Learn to listen to your body, and you will know when you need another one.

>Green Juice Crushes The Urge To Overeat

New Year’s brings us bowl games, a new blast of Artic air, and inevitably long resolution lists that sometimes include green juices. No other resolution lands on more lists more than the vow to lose weight. How do we accomplish the seemingly impossible of losing weight? The best way to lose weight involves closely monitoring your diet. For those who prefer direct language, losing weight means crushing the urge to overeat.

Sweet GreensWhat Is Green Juice?

Green juice comes in many forms, depending on the flavor profile preferences of the person drinking the nutritious concoction. The juices include both fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, as well as replete with vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Green Juices

Adhering to a green juices regimen produces a number of health benefits. Green juices suppress appetite by supplying the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to create energy. The fruits and vegetables that comprise this weight loss meal produce antioxidants and phytochemicals that bolster your immune system. Copious amounts of fiber ensure a healthy digestive system. Considerable research results conclude that adhering to a green juices regimen strengthens bones and creates a glowing complexion. Some researchers have also linked the green fruit and vegetable drink to reducing the incidence of cancer, strokes, and heart disease. You reap the health benefits of green juices in only one serving.

The Best Time for Green Juices

Following a green juices diet represents just one element of losing weight. You also need to know when to drink the high energy concoction. Start your day with one serving of the green juices to increase energy levels and receive your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. For appetite supression, make the drink one hour before meals. Health food experts recommend drinking green juices immediately after you blend the ingredients to maximize the health benefits. Once fruit and vegetable juices interact with oxygen, the nutritional values quickly decrease.


Looking for DIY green juice? Consider this simple recipe:

4 Shucked Celery Stalks

1 Cucumber

2 Green Apples

6 Kale Leaves

1-Inch Piece Fresh Ginger

1/2 Peeled Lemon

With a food processor and fine blade, blend the ingredients for about 20 seconds to ensure the lemon juice soaks the rest of the ingredients.

Start your green juices regimen today to crush the urge to overeat. After a few months, expect your friends to be green with envy at your weight loss.

>The Most Important New Year’s Resolution: Easy Cleanse Your Body

After the eggnog assaults and punishing body blows caused by champagne, rich foods, and generally things we only put in our digestive systems once a year, the time arrives to rejuvenate your body. How do you accomplish that: by detoxing the impurities in your digestive system, with the help of an easy cleanse.

Not So Fastlove fast cleanse

Some people believe shunning all foods for a short period expunges the poisons that infiltrated our systems during the holidays. Fasting may work for the occasional Buddhist monk, but a detox diet that replenishes diminished vitamin and mineral levels does a much better job, sans the chanting and burning incense. However, you can perform an easy juice cleanse on your body and eliminate the need to eat detox diet foods that make you cringe.

What an Easy Cleanse Does

An easy cleanse produces a more effective digestive system. It does a great job of moving undigested waste through the digestive labyrinth and hence, cleanses the digestive system for the absorption of vital nutrients. Undigested waste creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria to grow and illnesses to spread. The new and improved digestive system ensures regularity by preventing painful constipation and gas build-ups.

The Positive Effects of an Easy Cleanse

The nutrient absorption benefit from an easy cleanse produces several positive outcomes. Instead of your body using energy to force out undigested waste, your body channels the unused energy to other parts of the body. You enjoy enhanced blood circulation that allows for a significant boost in energy. An easy cleanse also improves your concentration by releasing toxins. Many medical studies demonstrate that cleansing jump starts weight loss, as well as increases fertility. Cleansing eliminates many of the toxins that adversely impact egg development. A large number of naturopaths encourage both partners to receive an easy cleanse before they attempt conception.

The Greatest Easy Cleanse Gift of All

So, none of the aforementioned benefits of an easy cleanse stirs you enough to take action. Well, how about the difference between life and death? All of the toxins that you eat and drink end up in the gastrointestinal system, where they can cause the development of cysts, polyps, and cancerous growths. An easy cleanse performed once per year can make the difference between living a vibrant life and succumbing to debilitating colon cancer.

An easy cleanse should be on every New Year’s resolution list. Some people like to wait until spring, when the fresh air and chirping birds signal the start of renewal. Make sure you spring into your season of renewal by getting an easy cleanse.

>Picking Yourself Up After A Resolution Setback

ice cream  with sprinklesDuring the first week or two of the New Year, folks are usually enthusiastic about implementing their New Year’s resolutions and sticking to them. While some are able to follow through with new behaviors for the time being, others, when faced with challenges, may fall off the wagon and quickly fall back into to old habits and patterns.

Many resolutions are rooted in dietary changes. This is a true challenge. After all, we live in a culture that is bombarded with images of unhealthy processed food. Plus, many of our social situations put us in positions where healthy choices aren’t always an option.

However, fear not!  Your healthy-eating goals are obtainable. With such an abundance of information available on healthy eating right now, connecting to this information and being conscious about food choices is easier than ever before.

The first key to success is recognizing that it’s impossible to be ‘perfect’ all the time. It is possible to achieve our goals – despite one or more ‘setbacks.’

Give Yourself Permission

Let’s say your resolution is to stop eating processed sugar. You find yourself at a birthday party with a plate of brownies that you know are made with white flour and refined sugar. You have a choice. You can either pass on the brownies or consciously choose to enjoy one.

Both options are okay, as long as the one brownie doesn’t open the gate to overindulging.  After you enjoy the treat (slowly, tasting each bite), pause. Picture your long-term goal, and what you look and feel like, both externally and internally, once you’ve achieved it. Use this visualization to get back on track. It’s important to look past instant gratification and picture what the road looks like after the initial satisfaction. Then ask yourself, is a second brownie really worth it? A social situation like this one is also a good learning experience on how to plan ahead next time, bringing a healthier dessert that both you and the other guests will enjoy.

Make It a Team Effort

Gaining the support of those around you can also help to get you back on track regarding your resolutions. Consider recruiting a friend or family member (or a group!) to join you on this new dietary regimen. Accountability will make you more likely to stick to the plan. Plus, it’s more fun to have partners-in-crime to bounce meal plans off of, share recipes and enjoy healthy food with. In addition to cooking in (and frequenting Organic Avenue), try new restaurants that feature high-quality ingredients and plant-based options. Eating out is more fun in a group! These tactics will allow you to integrate your dietary resolution(s) into your social life, so you’re empowered to eat out without being tempted to throw in the towel.

The Power of Forgiveness

Even if you’ve practiced positive visualization or gained support of others, you will still undoubtedly find yourself in stressful and emotional situations throughout the year. During these challenging times, instead of beating yourself up about ‘messing up’ or ‘failing,’ acknowledge what took place, and move on. Don’t adopt the mentality; “I already ate one bad thing, so I’ll just eat junk food for the rest of the day.” Instead, change your focus and do something else that doesn’t involve food. Take a walk around the block, write down what’s stressing you in a journal, call the friend that you’ve been meaning to get in touch with, have a dance party in your room to your favorite song— find any positive outlet to express the underlying emotion triggering the food craving. Once you begin to deal with the root cause, you’ll feel empowered to stick to the healthier eating plan. Above all else—be kind to yourself. After all, you’re human. Forgive yourself—and when you’re ready, get back on track.

>How to Pick Lasting Resolutions

New Year resolutions on post-itsThe start of a new year is always exciting. The prospect of a clean slate, a fresh start if you will, is something most people look forward to. But before we can look forward, it is important to look back and reflect on what we did and didn’t achieve throughout the past year.

Unfortunately, for most of us, our New Year’s resolutions do not end in success. With only an estimated 8% of folks achieving their goals by year end , the numbers are stacked against us. Why? Because the majority of us do not know how to properly make a resolution.

So what’s your New Year’s resolution? Do you want to lose weight? Or maybe quit smoking? Do you want to drink less? While all of these resolutions are rooted in healthy intentions, do they actually matter to you? Or are they more should’s such as, “I should lose weight and quit smoking and drink less.” Should’s don’t make very good resolutions.

The most important step in achieving your New Year’s resolution is picking to work on something that actually matters to you. According to Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal,“ the best resolutions are ones that strengthen something you already are, but you may not have been fully investing in.”

Perhaps instead of wanting to look good in a bikini, you should aim to keep up with your kids on the next family vacation. The key is to be specific about why something matters to you and then ask yourself what steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

Think about the different parts of your life – relationships, career, nutrition, physical activity, spirituality, finances, creativity, etc. – and write down how satisfied you are with each of these aspects. Is there an area that sticks out that may need some work? Identify one small step you can take towards improving this aspect of your life and you have just given yourself an achievable resolution.

Resolutions, intentions, and goals are not just for January 1st. It’s never the wrong time to set a resolution. To improve your odds of success, tackle one thing at a time, reward your accomplishments in a healthy fashion and build off of your achievements.

Want to learn more about achieving and keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? Attend our Wellness Workshop on Tuesday, January 13th at our store at 254 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010 (21st Street).


>Healthy Ideas for New Year’s Eve

holiday sparklerWhen you think about it logically, the dates we choose to start a new exercise regimen or healthy lifestyle change are completely arbitrary.  The day to begin is today.  Like this minute.  But if you are like most people and looking to stall a little bit, you can wait for January 1. Heck, the New Year is as good a time as any to get started.  These healthy ideas for New Year’s Eve will help you from partying too hard and aid your transition into your health-related resolutions.


Booze Control

Of course it would be best if we stuck to water and green juice on New Year’s Eve, but for most of us, that’s not realistic. A couple of glasses of high-quality alcohol, consumed relatively slowly over the course of the evening, will not hold you back from reaching your wellness goals.

The best choices for minimal hangover symptoms would be organic wine (red or white), sake, cognac or triple-distilled vodka. We love mixing organic sake with our Ginger Lemonade for a healthier signature cocktail—always a crowd pleaser.

You can raise a glass of champagne to ring in 2015, but you may only want to have a small sip to maintain your healthy ideas for New Year’s Eve. Carbonated drinks like champagne, beer, and tonic water mess with digestion and create gas pressure in the body. Stick to the alcoholic beverages listed above for minimal bloat and discomfort. Organic vodka on the rocks, please!


Grab the Greens

Getting some water-containing green veggies in your system first thing, whether it’s a plate of salad or crudité with guacamole, will help to balance out the indulgences later in the evening (bonus points for loading up on green juice in the AM).

The enzymes and water content in the veggies will help the less-than-perfect foods and substances that follow to leave the body more easily.

Among out list of healthy ideas for New Year’s Eve is to grab a handful of celery and/or carrot sticks before your first glass of wine. It can make a world of difference!


Hydration is EVERYTHING

As you enjoy the NYE festivities, make sure you’re getting a glass of pure water down the hatch in between each cocktail to keep your cells happy. This commitment to hydration will also help minimize unwanted hangover symptoms the morning after.

Start your New Year’s Day off right (after some sleep, hopefully) with lots of water, Coconut Water and green juice to bring the body’s pH back to balance.

Need some assistance or just an extra push? Stop into an Organic Avenue location to consult with a trusted Advisor to put together a juice regimen that works for you—a positive first step into a healthier 2015.

>The Magic Elixir: Cold-Pressed Juice

For years, you thought ditching the soda and drinking store-bought juice was doing something healthy for yourself. Then, you started reading labels and researching ingredients, and were mortified by what you were finding. So, you bought a high-speed blender, and started making your own smoothies and juices with fresh ingredients. You definitely noticed the difference! So, now you are hearing all this discussion about cold-pressed juices, and your curiosity is piqued. Are they really so much better than what you are already drinking?


What Is Cold-Pressed Juice?

green love and chlorophyll booster shot

“Elixir” is definitely the word you are hearing floating around juice bars and in the lobby of your yoga studio. You have probably heard cold-pressed juices associated with cleansing and detox, weight loss, immune boosting properties, and liver enzymes. Sounds great, but are they really worth their price tag?

Fruits and vegetables are oxidized in the creation of traditional juices. The grinding action literally destroys enzymes. There is a reason why you can throw a bunch of ingredients in a Vitamix, turn it on high for 5 minutes, and have hot soup. The blades heat while they cut. As soon as you slice a fruit, nutrients are lost.

True to their name, cold-pressed juices are just that: pressed! This allows all the nutrients and enzymes to stay intact, thereby fueling your body with the absolute healthiest juice possible.



  • Balance – Cold-pressed juices are especially essential during the holiday season because they will help balance out those heavy meals and drinks.
  • Digestion – Minimal digestive energy is required to process juice pressed from raw fruits and vegetables. It is essentially pretty much digested already, so it’s easy on your system.
  • Nutrients – You are at a holiday party, and all your favorite indulgences are staring you in the face. So, you skip your salad and pass on the vegetable tray to make room for the special treats that only come around once a year. This is the season when people are most prone to illness. You need your nutrients. Drink them down in a single shot, like what you get in our Booster 6-Pack.
  • Liver Cleansing – The liver is probably the most overworked and unappreciated organ in the body. All the toxins you are exposed to every day end up in your liver. Doesn’t it deserve to be cleaned out occasionally with a cold-pressed juice cleanse?
  • Feel Great – “You are what you eat!” is a saying you probably laughed at when you were young. Once you fuel your body the right away, you see just how good you are capable of feeling mentally and physically. You will have increased energy and better mental clarity. Your stress will be reduced, and you will just feel better all around. Once you start drinking cold-pressed juices, you will agree that they are worth every penny, and then some. If you don’t invest in your health, who will?