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FEED YOUR BRAIN is our phrase for everything we do to inspire and enable a healthier generation through learning and information. In our stores, we have Feed Your Brain menus, Feed Your Brain wallpaper and now we have our first online example – our Feed Your Brain blog!


>A day in the life of a Wellness Concierge

OA's own Wellness Concierge - Ellie Scully - on the cover of Kiwi magazine with her son Lukas

OA’s own Wellness Concierge – Ellie Scully – on the cover of Kiwi magazine with her son Lukas

My son’s favorite drink at any time of the day is water, but if there’s an Organic Avenue coconut water in the fridge first thing in the morning then I get extra hugs. Sometimes we make a smoothie from juice and nut mylk ice cubes and often I sneak things into the blender that he would never eat.

After the seemingly insurmountable wrestling match of getting him to eat breakfast, get dressed, put down Angry Birds, and agree that school is not a terrible place, I drop him off with his class and head to my first appointment at our Park Avenue South store.

I know that I’m in one piece and ready to face the day due to my efforts to fuel my body well. If I didn’t consume good foods then I might have a weaker immune system which is something I don’t have time for. This is a newsflash that I’ll be sharing with my first consultation of the day, in case she isn’t already aware of this concept.

Walking into our handsome store is a great feeling! Finding elbow room and positive vibes in the city is not an easy feat! I spot my consultation the moment she arrives because she has that I’m-here-to-talk-about-my-health-but-don’t-want to-be-sold-anything look, but despite the fact that we’ve never met before, the consultation moves along swimmingly and lasts 45 minutes. Our face to face chat unfolds from what’s going on in her daily food routine, to other topics such as what’s really going on.

After our meeting I’m once again reminded that I’m not the only person in the world who has been through challenging hurdles that affect my well-being. I check in with my fellow Concierge to send her agenda ideas for our meeting later. She is at our Bryant Park store; status is very busy lunch traffic. I remain in the buoyant Park Avenue store for a few hours of in-store concierge assistance, where I basically acknowledge customers when they arrive and therefore feel comfortable with helping them make some of the important decisions they will make today. What food will they eat, what drink they will drink, how are they choosing to feel as they tackle the rest of the day. They’ve already chosen to not feel cruddy because nobody ever walks out of our stores empty handed. Will they feel level? Together? Sturdy? Bright-eyed?

A meeting follows at the office where we converge to compare notes, discuss some upcoming events and more ways to get involved.  Emails take over for a while like a child having been pent up at school and now needing to run wild. My co-concierge and I luckily have each others back, and we do an adjustment where I pick-up a rescheduled consult for tomorrow and she takes over some in-store hours that I was slated for. We reminisce about meeting Michael Pollan, a leader in our wellness field, at a book-signing, then she suggests a reflexology place in Chinatown that we may consider adding to our database of wellness spas.

OA Wellness Concierges Ellie and Tiye

OA Wellness Concierges Ellie and Tiye at an ABC Kitchen event

Out the door again, tomorrow our arms will be weighted with gift bags, pretty pamphlets and business cards that we will distribute to some neighbors. But today the act of walking while carrying little more than a juice is a welcome simplicity.

I have one more consultation, I meet with a man and his fiancé who will be doing a cleanse together before their wedding. He wants to lose weight, and will be completing a cleanse right before his bachelor party where “partying will be had by all.” She wants to look glowing and claims to be completely unaffected by caffeine, drinks a few cups per day but is often tired. They both seem committed to cleansing with individual goals. I can definitely lead them both to juice, and it seems they are ready to drink! I enter the order and make sure they know that I’m available for any questions before, during and after their cleanse experience.
As the day dims, I look forward to heading home where I will make dinner and juice, and my son will practice staying seated at the table, even while chewing!

Organic Avenue Wellness Concierges are available by appointment at your convenient Organic Avenue location.
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