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FEED YOUR BRAIN is our phrase for everything we do to inspire and enable a healthier generation through learning and information. In our stores, we have Feed Your Brain menus, Feed Your Brain wallpaper and now we have our first online example – our Feed Your Brain blog!


>New York Post: “Forget Pizza and Subs – Midtown suits are lining up for veggies”

Healthy eating isn’t just a trend, it’s a way of life for all New Yorkers. This New York Post story notes that businessmen are lining up for the healthy food options at Organic Avenue.

>People: “See Victoria’s Secret Model Behati Prinsloo’s Daily Diet”

Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo (aka Mrs. Adam Levine) tells People that the Kale Quinoa Salad at Organic Avenue helps her incorporate healthy eating into her day.

>A day in the life of a Wellness Concierge

My son’s favorite drink at any time of the day is water, but if there’s an Organic Avenue coconut water in the fridge first thing in the morning then I get extra hugs. Sometimes we make a smoothie from juice and nut mylk ice cubes and often I sneak things into the blender that he would […]

>Got a Hangover? Here’s Your Cure

Fresh, raw Coconut Water is nature’s sports drink—our go-to for summer hydration. It is simply the sweet, clear liquid is poured out of a cracked young Thai coconut into one of our bottles. Due to its high potassium and mineral content, coconut water assists in regulating the body’s fluids—perfect for electrolyte restoration post-workout or after […]

>Staying Healthy On the Go!

Now that the flu season is behind us it’s a perfect time to maintain good health. The days of existing inside a coat and hood have passed and we now engage the world with motivation, movement, and a lot of bare skin. With summer travel and outward energy, we often push our self-care rituals aside […]

>A Great Big World can’t live without Organic Avenue

Did you see Organic Avenue on TaxiTV during your last cab ride? The band A Great Big World talks about the things in NYC that they simply can’t live without, and Organic Avenue is their top favorite.  Watch as the show “First Look” visits the Bleecker Street store to learn more.